The Sacred Pause✨Gong & Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Healing & Restorative Yoga ✨
Friday, January 5 • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Chrishall Chapel Hall
Becky Duncan
"An opportunity for downtime and deep rest"

Using the vibrations of the gong the wash away residue from the year thats no longer serving you and bathe in the good vibrations of the gongs to rejuvenate your soul.

Michelle and I will be offering a nourishing and peaceful practice of restorative yoga together with healing vibrations of the gong to rejuvenate and relax deep into your cells.

Restorative yoga is a passive and deeply therapeutic form of yoga encouraging our nervous system to shift into a state of deep rest. We will be using bolsters, blocks/bricks and using belts, blankets and eye pillows to support and nourish the body. It is the perfect antidote to stress of an ‘always on’ modern life.

The magic of the gongs happens when there is no separation between the gong, the player and the listener. The Gong encompasses the body with sound layers which are experienced at a cellular level, bathed in sound waves, hence the term ‘Gong Bath’. An acoustic gateway to heightened state of awareness and consciousness.

Finished with a nourishing cup of tea…

Open to everyone as no experience is necessary.