Gentle yoga Series: Flow & Rest II
Wednesday, 22 November • 20:15 - 21:30
Equilibrium, Stuivenbergbaan 33, 2800 Mechelen
Elīze Tīkmane
Teaching yoga since 2014. Leading authentic and inclusive yoga classes in Mechelen. Sequences are based on Hatha yoga and Yin yoga principles. My classes suitable for all ages and all levels.
This is a series of 10 weekly classes dedicated to flow and rest. Perfect combination to bring your nervous system towards balance.
In case of free places you can join class with 1 class pass (14 euro).

What to expect: gentle movement and poses to create strength and flexibility in the whole of the body.
We will use flow as the active and dynamic component in movement and poses. A key element being moving in a way that is supportive to your body and your condition.
We will as well explore the ability to be still in a pose. Strengthening the capacity to be passive and relaxed even in a challenging situation. Finding ways to bring fluidity between active and calm - in movement, in breath, in mind in a very gentle and sustainable way. Breath work to support active movement and relaxation. Passive forms of meditation, that are intertwined with movement, breathing and relaxation.

All in very supportive and non-competitive environment.
Suitable for all levels and all ages.
No previous experience needed.
Price: 135 euro for 10 classes.
Series will take place with at least 4 participants.
In case of free places you can join class with 1 class pass (14 euro).