New To Us Beginners Month

Valid for 1 month

New To Us 5 Pass

Valid for 1 month

Drop-in STUDIO

Valid for 7 days

5 Class Pass STUDIO

Valid for 8 weeks

10 Class Pass STUDIO

Valid for 4 months

20 Class Pass STUDIO

Valid for 9 months

Recurring Month Pass

A recurring monthly pass either by standing order or Paypal. ♾ This mbship cannot be frozen ♾ This mbship be transferred ♾ 3 month cancellation process through email.
Monthly renewal
£70 per month

Month Pass Pay As You Go

Valid for 1 month

Student Discount Month Pass

Valid for 1 month

Mini Month

♾️ One class per week ♾️ 4 classes in total
Valid for 1 month

Yin Event - 7th June

This class is designed for the sole purpose of relaxation. You will find a yin class, yin with yoga-nidra, yin with sound bath. Our idea is always to add variation for your soul.
Valid for 2 months

Return to us

You have been missed. If you haven't attended the studio for 6months please use the ticket to come back with this inspiring invitation of 20 days.
Valid for 20 days

Reformer 1-1

Valid for 1 month

Pilates Reformer Package 5

REFORMER BLEND A workout combining the use of accessories such as toning balls and resistance bands with reformer exercises to shape the entire body and improve coordination.
Valid for 6 months

Private Reformer Package 10

Valid for 12 months

Gift Voucher

The gift of yoga for either a family member or friend.
Valid for 1 month


Energy Session
Valid for 1 month

Kundalini Abundance Workshop & Gong with Carolyn

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - Carl Jung
Valid for 2 months

Drop-in ONLINE

Valid for 1 week

ONLINE Yoga 10 Pass

Valid for 3 months

On-Demand Video Library

Valid for 1 month