Somatic Restorative Immersion - Friday night with Julia
Friday, 5 August • 18:15 - 19:45
Verve Wellness Studio, Bedford Heights
Julia Krajnakova
This is 90mins class will help you to awaken your senses through Somatic sensory experience and Restorative yoga helps elicit the relaxation response - by focusing on deep breathing and holding poses longer.

Somatics helps by retraining the brain and the nervous system to let go of old patterns through small and gentle movements. Somatic yoga is all about sensing through movement and, Restorative sensing through stillness, holding to 10-15mins each pose, supported by the props to create sense of calmness and well-being.

Recommended class for everyone whether you have your own regular practice or, you are yoga beginner. Suitable for those who gone through trauma, struggling with some muscular, physical pain, after injuries, chronic health conditions, stiffness, need de-stress and, want to feel more and sense more...

Join me to experience a sense of harmony and freedom within your own body.

Once a month during July and August. From September will resume twice per months, normally 1st and 3rd Friday every month.

a couple of blankets
eye covering