Sunday Relax and Reconnect
Sunday, 18 April • 18:00 - 19:15
Zoom Online
Julia Krajnakova
Relax, Restore, Reconnect Sunday Series with Somatic and Restorative Yoga.

Mixture of gentle and slow movements to create more awareness in the body, and allow deep relaxations during few Restorative poses supported by your yoga props.

Somatic yoga helps to retrain the brain and nervous system to let go of bad habits with using slow and gentle movements. Restorative yoga is all about 100% comfort in your body and allowing yourself to let go and surrender.

Allow yourself, allow your body and mind to completely relax and experience a sense of equilibrium with this 75mins yoga practice. Perfect ending to the weekend.

No experience needed. All welcome.

Yoga props to make you extra comfortable:
Apart from your yoga mat; a yoga bolster, 2-3 blankets, 2 yoga blocks, 2 cushions. Also, an eye pillow or small scarf for covering your eyes in Savasana.