Complimentary One Month Trial : Unlimited Access to Online Christ-centred Yoga Classes

This membership is available as a once off complimentary 1 month trial of my online yoga classes. If you would then like to continue to access online classes, a monthly membership option is available.
Valid for 1 month

Single class pass - for group classes

Allows you to book into one group class of your choice.
Valid for 14 days

Private 1:1 single session pass

Choose this pass to book in for a private session. Single class pass.
Valid for 2 weeks

10 Class Pass - For Group Classes

This pass is available for Friday 1-2pm classes and Saturday 8-9am classes
Valid for 6 months

Private 1:1 5 session pass

Allows you to book into 5 private classes. Valid for 4 months.
Valid for 4 months

Private 1:1 10 session pass

Provides you with 10 private classes. Valid for 6 months.
Valid for 6 months