in-person: Gentle Yoga
Četrtek, november 30 • 9:30 dop. - 10:45 dop.
Columbia City Healing Space, 4741 Rainier Ave South
Susanna Reynolds
My life’s work has been in Theater, Movement, Manual Healing Arts and Education. For my own spirit and well being after my children grew up and left home, I took up the study of yoga after practicing in phases of my life since my teen years. Over several years I completed a 500 hour training though Lotus after being a student there for years prior and loving this community. Working with movement, sound, breathing and meditative practices bring me a grounded and joyful Spirit. Singing, walking, hiking, swimming in lakes and ocean, gardening, and writing poetry are my personal renewals.
IN-PERSON option of the hybrid class that offers both in-person and online options for the same class. If you would like to register for the online class, register on the class schedule for the online option.

A slower-paced yoga class with a healing orientation, these classes include a safe and gentle approach to strengthening and stretching the body with a focus on breathing.

Preregistration required - space is limited.

Class Payments:
We are a collective!
Pay teacher directly for each single class via QR code above
- Sliding Scale $10.00
- Sustaining Rate $18.00
- Pay It Forward $25.00

All bodies are welcome!

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