Maia Laverty

Maia delights in sharing the joyful and empowering practice of yoga with others! Maia loves yoga and believes that at its core it is a tool to explore with curiosity, compassion and a sense of wonder the entirety of our human experience.

As an "anatomy geek" Maia is currently embarked on a year-long mentorship study with her anatomy and biomechanics teacher, Jules Mitchell, exploring the state of scientific research in mindfulness, stretching, movement science, the neurology of movement, facia and healthy aging.

Maia brings this heart-felt blending of mindfulness, loving kindness and an active study of the evidence-based research to her classes: meeting each student where they are. Her classes include a mindful and accessible approach to strength-building and an exploration of our unique embodiment so that students learn how to move in their unique bodies in healthy ways.

Maia found her first class through the University of Washington extension program while she was completing her undergraduate degree. The class was nothing she expected; very gentle and slow and she did not break a sweat at all, but it made her feel good inside and out, and helped with the stresses of the last few quarters at the U. Immediately, the practice helped Maia to feel more at home; not only in her "skin", but also in her mind and emotions, it was revolutionary! Maia has been practicing yoga since her mid 20’s, teaching since her early 30’s and is now approaching 50 feeling ready to explore what healthy aging looks like thanks in large part to the tools gathered from mindfulness and yoga practices. Contact Maia at

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