Yoga For Dad Bods
Tuesday, April 23 • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Michelle Brink
She's amazing!
Has Yoga been recommended by your chiro, personal trainer or Doctor but you just didn’t know where to go?In a business dominated by Women it might be intimidating for Men to enter a Yoga Studio. Men are looking for the physical benefits of Yoga and are not too interested in the “Woo-woo” of it all. Our teacher, Michelle Brink has has been our resident "Yoga For Dad Bods" teacher for many years.  She has worked with SWAT Teams to help them manage anxiety and loss of breath in their gear, so naturally, she is the perfect bad-ass to introduce the benefits of Yoga to Men. Class size is limited. Instruction will be approachable and sensitive to injury recovery. You might accidentally catch some Yoga “Ju-Ju” but we promise it’s not contagious.