Private Session
Monday, June 17 • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
In-Person or Virtual
Deni Roman
Whatever your age, level, or ability, Deni will help you become aware of your present condition and move toward a life of peace, harmony, complete health, and a deeper spiritual connection.
We will conduct a thorough lifestyle assessment to understand your specific concerns. Then, we will create a customized yoga routine with detailed instructional photos.

$300 (1.50 hour)
In-person or virtual

Deni Roman’s Maui Yoga Path classes and private mentoring sessions are why I return to Kihei every January. As a visual learner, I find Deni’s demonstrations of the Iyengar yoga poses highly motivating. Deni adapts her instructions to the daily mixed-level classes so no one is left out. In the private sessions, she helps students refine their practice and sends them home with a year’s worth of challenges. After six years of classes with Deni in person and online, my practice continues to advance beyond what I ever considered possible. Visit Maui and turn your time with Deni into your yoga retreat. - Janet, Oregon