Restorative Yoga with Christina
Monday, February 6 • 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM
Christina Gesualdi
Christina is a Philly-based yoga teacher, home health aide, dancer, and choreographer. She has taught Yoga for over 14 years. She began by teaching gentle Yoga to senior citizens at a gym where she also worked the desk. Christina attended University of the Arts for modern dance. She came to Yoga seeking cross-training yet her practice became a subtle space to deepen self-awareness and sensation while unlearning an over-reliance on aesthetics that often comes with dance training. She loves imagery and poetics, and she seeks to make space for students to observe and get curious about the energies, emotions and breath within their Yoga practices. Christina has completed 400hrs of Yoga teacher training, and has studied Yoga with Marie Ireola, Nicole Bindler, and KJ Holmes as well as Dawn Mehan of Motherheart Yoga Sangha for teacher training and the Inner Journey Program.
If you need to slow down and rest and restore your energy, this class is for you. Note: not suitable for pregnancy, as we do several face down and twisting practices.