🧘 Workshop Pranayama
Zaterdag, 17 september • 15:00 - 17:00
Gowri Veeraraghavan
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Deze workshop is in het Engels, Gowri spreekt ook Nederlands

Although breathing is our natural process, most of our breathing is shallow. Pranayama is the practice of breathing deeply and correctly so we benefit from both inhalations and exhalations. There are many benefits of Pranayama, such as; steadying and calming of the
mind, increasing will power, reducing stress, inducing sound sleep, relaxing the body and mind and increasing lung capacity. In this Pranayama workshop, we will learn:

 the art of deep inhalation and exhalation
- breath retention and its benefits
- four different types of pranayama practice
- the best time to practice each one of them
- their contraindications and benefits