Katie Christie

A trained yoga and Pilates instructor, I have always been passionate about movement. I used to dream of being able to dance when I was younger but the realisation that rhythm was a must put a spanner in the works pretty early on! That's ok with me as I found yoga, and it's my form of dance. Every class gives me such a wonderful feeling of freedom and a sense of happiness, something that I only get from yoga.

Pilates is my medicine helping me to care for my body after many years of competitive sport and after having a family. For me the balance of yoga and Pilates is exactly what my body needs. Yoga is my tonic.

I am looking forward to sharing my passion and expertise to help you wherever you are on your yoga/Pilates journey.
Instagram: @nowyoga.nz

Upcoming classes

Friday, 24 May 7:15 AM
Pilates Mat

97 Ghuznee Street

Friday, 24 May 7:15 AM
Pilates Mat (online)

97 Ghuznee Street, Wellington

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