General terms of Omtropy Zoom

You will be asked to:
• Complete and return a health form unless you have completed one for Heather in the last 3 years and there are no changes;
• Email Heather to confirm you read & agree the Terms and Conditions;

Purchasing class passes
• You can purchase single or multiple class or meditation passes
• Payment by bank transfer is preferable as Stripe charge fees, including a fixed element.

Booking classes
• Maximum of 18 in a class (apart from Meditation) to enable teacher support;
• To enable this, those on the Foundation Monthly Membership can book up to 3 classes per week plus 1 Meditation for their fee, so all participants have the opportunity to book on to classes. If there are spaces free in a class, then pay and book them in the 24 hours before class.
• NHS staff and health & care workers get free meditations. Email Heather at to register;
• Class booking will be open at 20:00 on the Friday one week before the classes and will close 1 hour before the class eg on Friday 3rd April booking will open for classes during the week beginning Monday 13th April ;
• Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the class.

Prepare your environment for the class
As you will be practicing in your own home:
• The coaching provided is a means of general guidance and motivation;
• It is the participants responsibility to be aware of their own capabilities and do what they are comfortable with;
• Medical advice should be sought if there is any doubt;
• Email Heather the day before if you have any injuries or change in conditions;
• Use a yoga mat to provide a suitable slip-free surface;
• Best to practice in bare feet or non slip socks;
• Be careful to ensure the space around you enables you to move freely, without any obstructions, distractions and disturbances;
• Have any props close to you: Block, belt/band/scarf for stretches, cushion;
• Put phones on silent or off, unless using them to connect to the class;
• Ensure your device is fully charged;
• Be familiar with the technology you are using and the Zoom screen it presents in advance eg know how to control the view, audio and video.
• Stay hydrated and have water with you.

Prepare your technology to connect to the class
Zoom – Set up
We use Zoom to support the video conferencing. There are two ways to access this:
1. Download the app from for quickest access to the classes:
o Before the meeting load Zoom;
 Click on ‘Join a meeting’
 Enter the meeting ID
 Click Join
2. Click on the link:
o Click on the link included in the class invite

Zoom – Accessing classes
We will send out a booking confirmation email to all booked participants in the class the 30 minutes before the class start time containing:
• The Meeting ID
• A link to the class

Log on in plenty of time before the meeting. Heather can then open up the class 5 minutes before the start time to check everyone is ready. Please try not to arrive late as it disrupts the others in the class.
Any problems on joining text Tony on 07711 845298. We will not see emails and the phone will be on silent.

After clicking on the link or entering the Meeting ID & password and joining:
• Screen saying ‘Launching’ then a window will pop up
• Click on ‘Open Zoom Meetings’, you will be placed in a ‘virtual waiting room’
• Screen “Please wait, we will admit you just before the class”;
• On admission, click on ‘Join with Computer Audio’
• On entry you will be unmuted for the introduction
• Class settings (see Guidelines for device variations on controls):
o Set screen to ‘Speaker View’ and ‘Full Screen’
o You will be muted for the class.
o Your choice as to whether you have your video on or off;
o We advise disabling the view of other participants.
• Enjoy your class
• Always click on ‘Leave meeting’ at the end of the class