General terms of Omtropy Zoom

• Go to Momoyoga which is our booking and payment system;
• Click on ‘Register’ and complete the online form;
• Complete and return a health form unless you have completed one for Heather in the last 3 years and there are no changes.
Booking classes
• You can book classes from the Class Schedule on Momoyoga;
• Having booked the class, you will be directed to the Payment page to select an appropriate class pass and payment method (see below);
• Class booking will close 1 hour before the class on Momoyoga;
• Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the class start time as we may well have a wait list of people wishing to attend;
• Zoom:
o Maximum of 19 in a class (apart from Meditation) to enable teacher support;
o NHS staff and health & care workers get free meditations. Email Heather at to register;
• Laleham Hall:
o Some people attend classes at Laleham Village Hall because they do not have the technology to enable them to use Zoom. For them, there is the option of booking classes by notifying Heather directly ( ) or ringing Tony on 07711 845298. This can be done up to three hours before the class to provide time to check availability for busy classes;
Purchasing class passes
• Go to Momoyoga;
• Click on ‘My schedule’ and ‘Buy Now’
• NB: ensure the pass you purchase is valid for the class you wish to attend:
• Zoom
o Single class £9 (valid for one month)
o Class Block £48 ( 6 classes, valid for 2 months)
o Single meditation £5 (valid for one month)
o 3 for 2 for 4 weeks £72 (up to 3 classes plus a Meditation a week (no carry over) valid for 4 weeks)
• Laleham Hall:
o Tuesday single class £10 (valid for one month)
o Wednesday single class £11 (valid for one month)
• Payment by bank transfer is preferable as Stripe charge fees, including a fixed element;
• For Laleham classes there is the additional option of paying cash on the day;
Safety Protocol
Zoom - Prepare your environment for the class
As you will be practicing in your own home, the coaching provided is a means of general guidance.
• It is the participants responsibility to be aware of their own capabilities and do what they are comfortable with;
• Medical advice should be sought if there is any doubt;
• Notify Heather if you have any injuries or change in conditions;
• Use a yoga mat to provide a suitable slip-free surface;
• Best to practice in bare feet or non slip socks;
• Be careful to ensure the space around you enables you to move freely, without any obstructions, distractions and disturbances;
• Have any props close to you: Block, belt/band/scarf for stretches, cushion;
• Put phones on silent or off, unless using them to connect to the class;
• Ensure your device is fully charged;
• Be familiar with the technology you are using and the Zoom screen it presents in advance eg know how to control the view, audio and video.
• Stay hydrated and have water with you.
Laleham Village Hall
Pre class:
• Class size will be limited to enable social distancing, initially 15 students (with Heather on stage);
• All classes will be pre-book only (because of number constraints). There will be no 'drop-in';
• Please do not attend a class if you have any of the symptoms of Covid-19 (eg fever or temp above 37.8C, new continuous cough, loss or change to your sense of smell or taste) or have been in contact with someone with symptoms;
• NB: the Tuesday classes are the same price and use the same pass, so if one is full there will be the option to switch to the other;
• Students will need to provide their own equipment eg mat, block, band and pillow. No class equipment other than padded under-mats (to be cleaned by the student after use) will be available to minimise cleaning between classes.
Class opening:
• We will clean hand contact surfaces of the hall and facilities before and after class;
• Students will be required to:
o Queue at the front door, maintaining social distancing until inner doors are opened 5 minutes before the class start time;
o Wear face masks or visors (unless medically exempt) whilst entering, moving around or leaving the hall (can be removed for the class), as will the teacher;
• On entry, we will take each students temperature with an infra-red thermometer and ask anyone whose temperature is over 37.8C to leave;
• An 'NHS Track and Trace' QR code will be available to scan for those with smart phones and who have downloaded the app;
• Teacher and students will wash/sanitize their hands before and after class;
End of class:
• Students will exit via the side door to avoid contact with attendees at following classes.
We offer access to video classes any time over a one week period:
• Two different class videos: one Yoga and one Pilates each week;
• Videos change on Sundays;
• £10 for a one week membership which can start any day of your choosing.
The booking process is as follows:

• Log on to
• Click on 'Pricing'
• Select 'Video access - two classes for one week'
• click the '+Buy now' button;
• Set the start date
• Click 'confirm'
• Click on 'Videos' and select the one you want to watch.