General terms of Omtropy Zoom

• Go to Momoyoga which is our booking and payment system;
• Click on ‘Register’ and complete the online form;
• Complete and return a health form unless you have completed one for Heather in the last 3 years and there are no changes.
Booking classes
• You can book classes from the Class Schedule on Momoyoga;
• Having booked the class, you will be directed to the Payment page to select an appropriate class pass and payment method (see below);
• Class booking will close 1 hour before the class on Momoyoga;
• Cancellations must be made at least 3 hours before the class start time as we may well have a wait list of people wishing to attend;
• Zoom:
o Maximum of 19 in a class (apart from Meditation) to enable teacher support;
o NHS staff and health & care workers get free meditations. Email Heather at to register;
Purchasing class passes
• Go to Momoyoga;
• Click on ‘My schedule’ and ‘Buy Now’
• NB: ensure the pass you purchase is valid for the class you wish to attend:
• Zoom
o Single class £9 (valid for one month)
o Class Block £48 ( 6 classes, valid for 2 months)
o Single meditation £5 (valid for one month)
o 3 for 2 for 4 weeks £72 (up to 3 classes plus a Meditation a week (no carry over) valid for 4 weeks)
• Payment by bank transfer is preferable as Stripe charge fees, including a fixed element;
Safety Protocol
Zoom - Prepare your environment for the class
As you will be practicing in your own home, the coaching provided is a means of general guidance.
• It is the participants responsibility to be aware of their own capabilities and do what they are comfortable with;
• Medical advice should be sought if there is any doubt;
• Notify Heather if you have any injuries or change in conditions;
• Use a yoga mat to provide a suitable slip-free surface;
• Best to practice in bare feet or non slip socks;
• Be careful to ensure the space around you enables you to move freely, without any obstructions, distractions and disturbances;
• Have any props close to you: Block, belt/band/scarf for stretches, cushion;
• Put phones on silent or off, unless using them to connect to the class;
• Ensure your device is fully charged;
• Be familiar with the technology you are using and the Zoom screen it presents in advance eg know how to control the view, audio and video.
• Stay hydrated and have water with you.
We offer access to video classes any time over a one week period:
• Two different class videos: one Yoga and one Pilates each week;
• Videos change on Sundays;
• £10 for a one week membership which can start any day of your choosing.
The booking process is as follows:

• Log on to
• Click on 'Pricing'
• Select 'Video access - two classes for one week'
• click the '+Buy now' button;
• Set the start date
• Click 'confirm'
• Click on 'Videos' and select the one you want to watch.