International Day of Yoga: Reset & Restore (Wednesdays 4:30)-FREE
Wednesday, June 21 • 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
One Soul Yoga, Main Studio
Rachel Finney
Rachel (CYT 500) began practicing yoga in 2014 at Brick House Yoga in Sulphur Springs. She was training for a half-marathon at the time and wanted to use yoga to prevent injury and aid in stress relief to reduce migraine headaches. While a yoga practice was perfect for both of these goals, she found so much more on the mat. Without a doubt, the yoga mat is the first place she has ever experienced complete non-judgment. It is where she learned self-acceptance, presence and stillness--and it is where she started a journey of self-discovery that continues today. In short, yoga changed her life. She holds additional certification in Restorative, Yin and Trauma Informed Yoga and has a special interest in teaching body-positive classes and classes geared for beginners.
Today is International Day of Yoga and our regularly scheduled classes are free to celebrate!

Perfect for getting over that mid-week hump, Reset + Restore is a great combination of active movement and active rest. About half of this class will focus on stretching and flowing through common foundational poses both seated and standing, while matching breath to movement. The second half of this class will focus on restorative yoga, a form of active rest in which the mind, body, and spirit are given the time and space to renew, recharge, and restore. This practice centers on slowing down, centering, and heart-opening through passive stretching. We practice stillness and very gentle movement for extended periods of time throughout the practice through fully supported poses that are each held for 3-5 minutes. This class will also spend time practicing Mindful Meditation with a focus on the awareness of our senses and feelings without interpretation or judgment. Practicing Mindful Meditation incorporates breathing techniques and meditation practices to help relax the body, clear the mind, ease the spirit, and reduce stress.