Vendredi, 31 mai • 13:00 - 14:00
3 grange road
Rebeca Montero
I am fascinated with the human body and how it changes in every person. I am looking forward to working with different people who need help to improve their physical life and therefore help with their quality of life. I am also looking forward to learning with experienced professionals and having the opportunity to ask some questions to more advanced professionals as the more I study the more questions I have. I have always been a very sporty person, I like to try a different range of movements and how they can apply to my body. But ever since I started to teach Yoga, I have seen a much wider picture, taking into consideration that not every person reacts to movement and the structure of their bodies in the same way. So I can say that my willingness to become a better teacher for my students also opened an underlying curiosity about the human body and how to heal it. In 2018, I decided to do a "Myofascial Anatomy and Movement" course for yoga teachers with Gary Carter from Natural bodies and since then I realized the lack of knowledge that I had regarding the human body and the need for a deeper and wider source of information and training, No matter how many books I read regarding the human body, the fascia or the latest innovative articles. These sources only bring more thirst to be able to move into a more practical form of treatment. I am applying all the information I gather through academic sources to my Yoga classes and massage treatments. My high motivation levels have allowed me to complete some Thai massage training for yoga teachers, which, as I incorporated them into my classes, made me realize the deeper difference in structure and movement in each individual. Furthermore, I have completed an intensive Sports massage course in February 2019 in order to give me more tools to apply at work. In my spare time, I am a spontaneous and very energetic person in any activity that I get my hands on. I really enjoy spending time outdoors surrounded by nature and especially doing some projects to help take care of the planet. I love to learn new skills like woodworking, musical instrument making and anything that has to do with creativity. I also love travelling and meeting new people from all over the world, allowing me to see the world from a totally different perspective by learning about different cultures. Another passion of mine is spending time with kids hence completing my first diploma in Spain in Early Education. I have studied with many inspiring teachers and trainers, helping me to deepen my knowledge in functional anatomy, yoga and manual therapies. I am always on the search for more techniques in order to aid people to discover their full-body/mind potential. 200Hour Therapeutic yoga with Chi Therapeutics 150h Ayurvedic training with Chi Therapeutics Functional Anatomy with Gary Carter at Natural Bodies Sports Massage training Thai massage for yoga Ayurvedic abdomen massage