"Awaken Your Inner Fire" - Half Day Retreat
Sunday, 3 December • 09:00 - 14:00
Lilla and Peter Our Yoga Mind
We are a yoga teacher couple on the mission to create a more conscious and loving world with the help of a yogic lifestyle.
It's time to ignite your fire and learn how you can stregthen your immune system with cold water therapy!

We would love to welcome you on our "Awaken Your Inner Fire" half day retreat to spend some time together in nature on the countryside of Mallorca in a traditional finca close to Biniamar.

We invite you to connect with your vital force (Prana) and your breath through ancients practices. That will prepare your body to get into cold water with ease. Understanding your nervous system deeper will play a key role in the process and apart from changing the body’s physiology, you will be also mentally prepared.

During this retreat:
- you will learn how you can awaken the core of your being through movement and breath

- we will encourage you to get into cold water by understanding your body and preparing it properly for the process

- you will become more present through mindful practices, focus on your senses and connect with your energy

- you will be supported and advised in how to listen to your body and understand its physiology

- we will create unforgettable moments and meaningful experiences for you where you will be able to connect with like-minded people and share quality time together

Retreat schedule

9:00 Arrival

9:30 Energizing Yoga Class

11:00 Breathwork and Introduction to Cold Water Therapy

12:30 Cold Water Plunge

13:00 Vegan Brunch

Your retreat day includes:
- half day program
-vegan brunch
- water, tea and fruits all day

Early Bird Price: €75
(till 20th November)

Regular Price: €85

To secure your spot, a deposit of €40 is required upon booking.