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Calm and Focused Aromatherapy Roll-on
Deb Phelps
June 1 2024 • Duration: 5 Minutes
🌟 Discover Natural Focus and Serenity with "Calm and Focused" Roll-On! 🌿
Feeling overwhelmed or finding it hard to concentrate? I've got just the thing for you! Introducing my "Calm and Focused" Roll-On, a carefully formulated blend of lavender, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils designed to soothe your mind and sharpen your focus.

As you know this week I took a sabbatical to rest, do self-care, and do the things I enjoy. One of those is working with essential oils and updating my aromatherapy shop. I'm a certified aromatherapist and I have something a little different for you today.

In this video, I briefly talk about how each of these essential oils contributes to creating a perfect balance between calmness and mental clarity. Whether you're preparing for a big project or need to unwind after a busy day, this roll-on will help you stay centered and alert.

👉 Check out the video to learn more about how this roll-on can enhance your daily routine and bring you back to a state of peaceful focus.
Looking to try it out for yourself? Visit my shop at for this roll-on and explore more of our holistic wellness products. If you'd like me to formulate any type of product just for you to help with symptoms, reduce stress, etc. then check the menu for a consultation session and I'll be happy to meet with you for personalized services.

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Embrace the power of nature with "Calm and Focused." Let's make your journey towards wellness a simple, effective, and peaceful experience. 🌸
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