Revive Hot Power Yoga 45 min Express
Monday, 26 July • 05:30 - 06:15
Beverley Charmer
Start your day the revived way with our hot power yoga class.

A class suitable for all level yoga students, who aim to become yoga fit!

This dynamic vinyasa practice is always evolving. Expect a creative sequence in which your teacher unpacks a variety of poses by building on the foundations of flow. This class may include arm balances and challenging poses, but they are optional and we encourage our students to honour what their body needs each time they come to the mat.

The class concludes with a approximately 5 minute savasana, whilst we encourage everyone to stay, we know morning can be hectic and you’re free to depart before we start.

Kinda hot, we add the element of heat (32 deg) to create a greater surrender of the muscles as they open and strengthen. This practice will help shake out stagnation and ignite your inner fire.