Yoga Flow | LIVE ONLINE via Zoom
spletni tečaj
Torek, 17 november • 6:00 pop. - 7:00 pop.
Rosie W Wooler
This is a live online yoga class via Zoom, streamed from our Studio based class.

We work with a sequence of poses and breathing to achieve a well-rounded practise that will leave you feeling gloriously stretched and worked, strengthening the body and easing the mind. This improvers class is the perfect next step for beginners who are ready to deepen their practise.

For those on a budget, from:
£6.50 with a virtual 10 class flexipass for an individual
£9.00 with a virtual 10 class flexipass for a group (couples, families or more than 1 person)

For those who want to use up existing credits:
£8.50 per class with a 10 Class Flexipass
£10 per single class