Restorative Chill | LIVE ONLINE via Zoom
Friday, 31 March • 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM
Rosieglo Yoga Online (via Zoom)
Sarah Vallance
This is a live online yoga class via Zoom, streamed from our Studio based class.

End the week with this nourishing restorative yoga class to help you chill-out and decompress from the week.

Restorative yoga is all about finding rest, ease, and comfort. We use blankets, bolsters and yoga props to help you nestle into a posture and make you as comfortable as possible.
We practice fewer postures and settle in to each one for longer periods, starting from a few minutes and building from there, allowing you precious space to rest and relax.
The entire practice is floor-based and lots of options will be given to support you in finding what feels best for your body.

If you’re joining over zoom but don’t have yoga props at home, that’s ok. Gather all the cushions, sofa cushions, blankets you can find and maybe some large books (like that hardback dictionary you have sitting on the shelf!).
Restorative yoga is a quiet practice which deeply relaxes the body and mind. Perfect for combating feelings of overdrive or overwhelm, soothing the nervous system, aiding mobility and releasing muscular tension.
Absolutely suitable for all levels.

Book with the following class passes:-

For those on a budget, from:
£6.50 with a Virtual 10 class Flexipass for an individual
£9.00 with a Virtual 10 class Flexipass for a group (couples, families, household bubbles or more than 1 person)

For those who want to use up existing credits:
£8.50 per class with a 10 Class Flexipass
£10 per single class

Once you have booked you will be sent an email with a link to join the class half an hour before the class starts.

Please refer to our class Usage Policy here:

If you are new to Rosieglo Yoga please complete our Health Form before joining an online class.

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