General terms of Sacred Lotus Heart

Please inform your instructor of any questions you may have relative to your participation in this class. Please inform your instructor of any health conditions or injuries you may have, preferably before class. This includes old injuries, aches, pains, and illnesses. (For your best experience Please include any PTSD or triggers that may feel uncomfortable.) Please inform your instructor if you are pregnant or suspect that you may be, also if you are postnatal. Please inform your instructor of any surgeries that you have had that could prevent or cause issues in your practice, as well as surgeries coming up that may also be of concern for your health and wellbeing in class.

As a general rule, avoid doing whatever causes any type of joint pain, or another acute discomfort. Seniors, beginners, and people with special conditions should avoid more intense, strenuous types of postures. Most poses can be modified (made easier) and still provide beneficial effects. Remember – there should be no pain or strain, and if you feel the stretch – it’s working!

Acknowledgment and Waiver for Classes taught by:
RYT/ Mystic/ Shaman/ RMT, Hailey A. Hinson
I, (the name above), acknowledge that Hailey A. Hinson(RYT) & Sacred Lotus Heart, have informed me that Yoga and all moving and nonmoving forms of meditation/Energy work is not a medical procedure and the Yoga/Dance/Shamans/TaiChi/Mystic/Shaman/Meditation/Drumming/Reiki Instructor(s) will not be providing a diagnosis or treatment of any medical problems or concerns I may have. I understand that Yoga/Dance/Meditation /Drumming/Shamans/TaiChi/Mystic/Reiki is a process of integration intended to facilitate wholeness and self-awareness. I also understand that I am solely responsible for my health, safety, and well being. I agree that I will inform the Instructor(s) of any activity or movement which I cannot safely perform, and that I will not perform any activity or movement which I cannot safely perform, and that I will not perform any activity or movement which I feel is likely to cause me to injure myself. I agree to hold my instructor Hailey A. Hinson (RYT), Sacred Lotus Heart, harmless from any and all responsibility for any injury which I may sustain during or as a result of my yoga/dance/drumming/meditation/reiki/mystic/shaman/taichi classes.
* If the participant is under 18 legal guardians Must let confirm in written form of consent to the child in question attending or receiving instruction from Hailey A. Hinson/ Sacred Lotus Heart/Instructors associated with Hailey A. Hinson/Sacred Lotus Heart

Modifications will be given when health issues or body issues call for. Please let the instructor know if anything is not feeling correct in the body. Guidance as to modify the movement, pose or action will be given. It is up to the student as to if the modification or pose is correct for them.

I agree not to compete with Hailey A. Hinson/ Sacred Lotus Heart or market to fellow students unless otherwise stated by Hailey A. Hinson/ Sacred Lotus Heart/ Instructors associated with Hailey A. Hinson/ Sacred Lotus Heart