This is yOGa, Hatha
Tuesday, May 21 • 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
102 Elma Street West, Okotoks
Shalyn Madigan
Join Shalyn for this 90min class and explore yoga beyond the mat. This is yOGa is a class designed to empower you and show you the true healing powers of yOGa. We will explore a variety of seated and standing postures designed to empower you and show you what you are capable of. You will leave feeling lighter, empowered, peaceful and ready to face your day.

Land on your mat and allow your physical body and energetic body to reunite creating a mind, body and spirit connection with the power of your breath. Step back into your power through the power of yoga.

Exploring yoga beyond the mat means incorporating the philosophies of yoga and understanding that yoga is far more than the postures. This class is unique because we will begin each class with card pulling, introductions and a group check-in. We will also discuss the current energies and discuss different yogic philosophies. Connection, community and being seen and heard is an important part of your journey.

Next, we will land on our mats and move through a series of seated and standing postures focusing on different areas of the body each week. We will end in our final resting posture, savasana and then we will close out our practice together. We will hold each posture for a longer period of time in this class, really focusing on building and unleashing our inner power and building a strong foundation. Bending and twisting out stuck energy so that our breath can flow freely throughout our entire body.

Each class will be unique and we will explore different topics and will target different areas of the body. We will share in conversation and have a lot of laughs. This class is great for all levels, especially beginners, because questions and conversation are encouraged during class. This class will build your knowledge of yoga, build your strength, increase your flexibility in both your body and your mind, increase your mobility, reduce your stress and support you in becoming your favourite version of yourself. You will build relationships and be part of a community here. This is a great foundational class. All levels welcome.