Pick Your Price - ECC

This option is only for classes at East Community Center. We understand budgets ebb & flow, so any price you pick for will be accepted at the studio.
Valid for 1 day

Single Class - Online only

This single class is good for live-streaming classes only.
Valid for 1 month

Single Class - ECC

This single, drop in class is good for any in-person class at East Community Center.
Valid for 1 day

Pay It Forward - ECC

Buy one, give one. Spend a bit more when you come for class & give one to someone else! Perfect for bringing a friend or paying it forward to someone who you would love to gift a class to.
Valid for 1 month

Custom Mala

Malas are tools for meditation practice and are also worn to remind you of the spiritual practice. Each mala is handmade, cleansed by water & charged by the sun & moon.
Valid for 12 months

LPS Staff 10 class pack

This exclusive offer is for LPS staff only. Get 10 in-person classes for the online price. Good for 3 months. You are appreciated!
Valid for 3 months

10 Class Pack - Online only

More classes gets you a discount per class for live-streamed classes only. Expires after 6 months, and is non-transferable. A great deal!
Valid for 6 months

10 Class Pack - ECC

This class pack is good for 10 classes at East Community Center - buy in bulk & save! Good for 3 months.
Valid for 3 months

Private Yoga

One-on-one yoga session done in-person at East Community Center or online via Zoom.
Valid for 1 month