donderdag 27 juni

Prenatal Yoga
19:00 - 20:00
Schoolstraat 28
womanhood studio

In prenatal yoga the emphasis is on relaxation and creating more awareness in body and mind. It also supports in strengthening the body and stabilizing the pelvic region by creating elasticity in the pelvic floor. The yoga promotes circulation of fluids in the body and aids digestion. At a mental level, it helps to find more peace and clarity in a time of change and uncertainties.

In the lessons you will learn in a playful way various techniques that can help you during your pregnancy and during labour.

Changing of your body and upcoming needs will be discussed in-between exercises, while being appropriately gentle and safe for you and your baby.

You will practice to:
- Listen to your body, staying true to you in every moment
- Being present
- Being kind to yourself, and take deep breaths.

You will leave feeling like you truly worked your body, yet in a safe, conscious and effective manner.

No previous experience practicing Yoga is required. All stages of pregnancy are welcome.
If you have (pregnancy) complaints or injuries you are welcome to join, but let the teacher know upfront!!