Solar Soothe Sunday Session
Lista de espera
Domingo, 28 janeiro • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Tash Coneybeer
Float in for an afternoon of midsummer magic! Immerse yourself in the calm of Yin Yoga followed by the deep tranquility of Yoga Nidra.

Solar Soothe has been designed to harmonise your body with the energy of the season ☼

You will be invited to explore Yin Yoga postures that stimulate the heart + small intestine meridians, cultivating a sense of openness and emotional balance.

This elemental approach to Yin Yoga during summer aims to balance the intensity of the season. The fire element is linked to joy, passion, and enthusiasm, qualities that can be harnessed and amplified through the deep stretches and meditative stillness of the practice.

Flowing on from our Yin Yoga practice, you will be gently guided through Yoga Nidra inviting you to surrender and unwind in the warmth of the season. This guided meditation encourages a state of conscious rest, allowing you to release tension and connect with the tranquil energy of summer.

To conclude our bliss session, we will share organic herbal teas and delicious raw treats as we create a little time and space for sharing and chats.


Spaces are limited and bookings are essential x