Pranayama - Meditation (60mins)
Zondag, 27 november • 09:00 - 10:00
Yu Li
Certificated by Universal yoga school 8 years of self-practicing experience more than 3 years of teaching experience
In Sanskrit, “Prana” means life force energy, and “Yama” means control. Therefore, Pranayama literally means control of breath. Through conscious breath practice, we target to connect and rebalance body and mind.

During the breath practice, the benefits are not only to message interior organs, energize and purify the body, but also to target one's internal concentration. A constantly concentrated mind can lead to a deeply calm and peaceful status.

The class consists of two parts, breath practice, and meditation practice. In part 1 participants will be guided to practice a variety of breath techniques, to train the mind present and concentrated and therefore prepares one’s mind to reach a deep meditative status. After the practice participants are expected to experience recharged body and peaceful mind.
NOTE: Empty stomach or 2hrs after the meal is advised for the practice.