Winter Workshop - "Resting in Stillness" - Taking care of You!
online class
Thursday, 16 December • 19:00 - 21:00
Sonya Harnett
From the comfort and safety of home, join us for an invitation to stillness as we unravel the threads of stress or worry explore how we are already programmed for rest, peace and seeing the world with a lenses of wider perception of goodness.

As we approach the Winter Solstice on 21st Dec, we may be feeling more tired and a calling to rest deeply. But in our modern world, we are busyier and on an " always on" mode. This is contrary to what this time of year is naturally inviting us to be. So how to we honour our true nature while being in our modern day life? We build in some rest times!


1) Gentle and tailored breathing techniques and movement through yoga to release stress or anxiety that is held in the nervous system that may be unconsciously driving us at the moment.

2) We will include a deep restful practice using a restorative restful yoga using pillows, blankets and any other nice comfy stuff!

3) I will guide you through a a very special meditation to ground and letting go.

4) We will explore the aspect of uncertainty in our modern world and how we can really become comfortable and ok with it so you can navigate yourself through your daily life with more comfort and ease on all levels.

5) I will guide you through a gorgeous soothing practice using candle light and the breath.

6) We will end our time together as a group with a deep and restful guided relaxation (25 mins) to soothe you and linger with you over the next few days.

7) Some gentle Sound Healing with make it way to you with some of my bowls and soothing sounds to help you drop even deeper into a good quality deep rest.

8) I will be sending each of you Distant Reiki Healing ( as I am also a Reiki Master) to help support you, your body, mind and heart through our time together as you rest.

Rest and release is central to this workshop to help navigate you through the Winter and the Christmas Season ahead with our loved ones.

When we are rested, clear and loving towards ourselves, this will affect others around you for them to also be their best selves too, loving, accepting, kind and open to many special moments we all have together!

I can't wait!!

Some candles or tealights. A glass of water for safety.
Blankets and 2 pillows.
A yoga mat if you have but don't worry if you don't.
Wear comfortable warm socks to stay warm.
A warm space where you won't be disturbed for your 'you time'!
A notepad if you wish to journal anything that may arise.
Feel free to play some gentle music in the back round to make your time even more relaxing!

A recording of this workshop accessible for 14 DAYS will also be included and will be sent out next morning!
You can re-visit this as many times as you need to help support you over the coming weeks!

Investment: €25

Please consult your medical practitioner prior to practicing yoga and always move within a pain free zone. Please adapt and modify any movement to suit your level of comfort and ease.

It is the student's utmost responsibility to take care of him/herself during their practice and to ensure that the space is clear of any obstruction.

Please be aware that yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment.