Meditation for Living with an Awakened Heart
online class
Thursday, 8 April • 20:00 - 21:15
Sonya Harnett
This 6wk course dives deep into cultivating a meditation practice through heartfulness and compassion. Meditation & mindfulness practices are a wonderful way that can develop awareness and mindfulness of our body, our senses, our minds and how we live our daily life.

This course develops and explores meditation practices and helps to develop a strong positive concern for your own welfare and the welfare and equanimity of others through practices to awaken your heart and be more kinder and self- compassionate and less self judgmental.

Meditation for compassion and heart helps to develop:

* Discover the innate goodness that lies within us all.
* Develop good self-esteem.
* A loving acceptance.
* Self awareness of how we respond to ourselves and others.
* Helps to identify and let go of old thinking patterns and habits.
* Promotes emotional balance and positive feelings of well being.

* Explore different types of meditation practices that nourish the heart and mind so you will have a choice for your meditation toolbox for life.

Did you know that meditation as been scientifically proven to change how we respond to stress in our life?

- Soothing the body and reducing the swirling mind!
- Reduce stress, ease anxiety, sleep better, reduce blood pressure, boost immune system.
- Becoming aware of our senses
- Arriving into "BEing" as less "DOing"
-Transform the way you see yourself and the world and become the person who you were born to be!

Meditation can be practised anywhere. You will discover wonderful connection with yourself and others – the power of loving kindness. It will calm your mind and help you drop from the head into the heart!

The benefits build quickly over time and a "little and often"is the key to reaping the rewards of a daily practice, even as little as 10 minutes a day. Just as we exercise the body to keep it strong and healthy, we also need to take care of the mind to keep it nourished!

This course is anyone who is a crisis meditator (like I was for many years meditating on a off!) or if you have some form regular meditation practice. Either is great! It is an opportunity to go deeper and to strengthen your daily ongoing practice or to come back to it.

Deepen and explore your practice through many different forms of guided meditations and techniques to include mindful movement, body scan, mindful breath meditation, guided visualisation, cultivating simple gratitude practice and more.

I will teach you how to create a daily meditation and how you can start your day with ease and stillness.

The class will end a nourishing relaxation to prepare ready for a restful nights sleep or your day ahead!

It is generally recommended that you have some experience of a meditation. But students with little experience are also very welcome to attend. Meditation is for everyone!

€75 - 6wk course & 7 day access for class recording
Course dates: 8/4/21 - 13/5/21

Classes are held live through Zoom. You will receive your login details before the class begins.

You will have access to the weekly recordings for 7 days! Great if you miss any live classes or if you wish to re-visit the class that suits your schedule.

You are welcome to invite any family members in your home to join you in your class!