Holistic Yoga for Everybody with Kiran // BREATHWORK & Sound Yoga (incl. Bansuri Flute)
Thursday, February 15 • 5:30 PM - 6:45 PM
Heathcote & Star, 344 Grove Green Road, Green Grove Room
Kiran SKG
Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi in search of something a bit different, this class is for you! Each season adapts to the seasons and are never the same each week.

As well as yoga postures (asana), these classes are supported by various breath-control techniques (pranayama) as the grounding-point for achieving a state of stress-free harmony and calming the nerves. Breath is highly important to yoga practices as it is believed to be the source of prana (vital energy) for the body and can be harnessed as the bridge to connect the mind and the body together.

Sound yoga comes from the concept of the primordial vibration/sound AUM - that resonance which exists in all. These sessions with Kiran help you to connect with this omnipresence through mantra chanting, bansuri flute and evocative background music.

Kiran’s holistic practices are beginner friendly, suit all types of people, and are sensitive to the needs of all participants (variations are given to suit all abilities and you are in control of whatever you would like to try!).