Hatha Flow with Ebba Nalini Adhiti
Thursday, February 15 • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Heathcote & Star, 344 Grove Green Road, Green Grove Room
Ebba Nalini Adhiti
Ebba been teaching the arts of Yoga, movement, mantra, breath work & meditation since 2012. Her classes are deep yet have a sense of playfulness, its important for her everyone feel comfortable during the class. She is a certified 700 h Yoga YTT. "I use many different styles and techniques in my classes. It’s my own unique composition of breath-work, meditation, visualization, mantras, dance, music, tantra, martial arts, rhythmic vinyasa, kundalini, yoga Nidra and yin yoga. I am not afraid to mix and do my own interpretation of different schools of yoga, however it’s important for me stay authentic and rooted to the original source of these diffrent schools. Some of the teachers that inspired me is Shiva Rea, Ashley Albrand, Meghan Currie, Anna forest, Ahjan Brahm and Carolyn Cowen. Probably my most important teacher tough is NATURE! I have a 200 hour TTC Hatha Yoga from Yoga Vidya, Himalaya and a 300 hour TTC Vinyasa Yoga from Kranti Yoga, Goa. I am also a trained Pregnancy/Postnatal Yoga teacher with @realflowyoga. Besides yoga teachertreainings I am a dedicated meditation, dance, matrial art and tantra practitioner and done many courses/workshops/retreats. I constantly try to continue my education which I believe is a life long journey.
Hatha Flow with Ebba

This session is a complete nourishment for body, mind & spirit. Hatha yoga is slightly slower paced, staying in positions longer which make us have time to feel the different dynamics in the posture, find good alignment & tune into the breath. Hatha Yoga is a Grounding practice and is proven to reduce stress & anxiety.

Ebba studied classical Hatha Kriya Yoga in India, close to the Himalaya mountains 🏔️ 2012. Since then she explored many different modalities of yoga & healing.

We keeping the backbone of this class traditional Hatha yoga, simple but powerful but with some extra room for divine expression.

- PRANAYAMA (breathing) Learn different breathing techniques to balance nervous system & enhance your vital life force energy (prana)
- SUN-SALUTATIONS increase circulation of Prana & warm Up Your body.
- DEEP SLOW HATHA FLOW Often we weave in a philosophy and have time to go deeper into the poses.
- GROUNDING STRETCH Unwind & stretch out.
- RELAXING CRYSTAL SOUNDBATH Complete Restoration & Integration
- MANTRA 🕉️ Vibrate into a higher state of consciousness.