Divine Dance - with Anne Shalo
Friday, May 17 • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Heathcote & Star, 344 Grove Green Road
Anne Shalo

Dance can serve as a way in. Allowing us to access parts of ourself that are scared to be seen. Through dance, we invite them in, we hold them, we bring them into our hearts. To be seen, to be heard, to be released. From our mind body to our emotional and spiritual body. A different kind of knowing is unlocked. Things start to bubble to the surface.

To be fully experienced.
To be fully expanded.
To be fully expressed.
Divine Dance is a held space where you can explore this to the fullest.
It’s not a performance.
It’s not about how it looks.
It’s about how it feels.
It’s about honoring your body.
It’s about dancing with you inner child.
It’s about feeling safe.
It’s about letting go.
It’s about being yourself.
It’s about having fun.
It’s about the smiles and the tears.
It’s about feeling your presence on this Earth.
It’s about celebrating yourself.
It’s about understanding you are so worthy.
It’s about dancing with the Divine.
It’s about realizing YOU ARE DIVINE.

You are DIVINE.

So come dance with me at…

✨Divine Dance✨

✨Divine Dance is for anyone looking to move their body and explore ways to move through emotions and see what their bodies are capable of. No dance experience needed! It’s truly about free expression, you can do whatever your big heart desires. If you have a body, this is for you! This is a time to freely express yourself and heal through movement.

✨Divine Dance is a safe and sacred space. You will be guided through a journey within, tapping into the voice of your soul. Through dance we strengthen our connection with the Divine.

✨Music curated to give you a seamless experience (you get the playlist after). At the end of the session, we will close with a sound bath that gives you time to land and process on a subconscious/conscious level what you’ve moved through.

💃🏽 Anne has danced since she was 3 years old and expressing through movement makes her heart sing. Dancer and yoga practitioner, movement is her medicine. She will always be a dancer at heart and is so excited to share the healing power of dance with you.