Ashtanga Led/Mysore* & ** | English
Donderdag, 16 mei • 20:15 - 21:30
Olav Aarts
Ashtanga Mysore * & **
The traditional way of practising Ashtanga Yoga. It's a semi-led class and you will be taught individually within the group. After the sun salutations, you practise the foundational, primary and closing series in your own phase. You do not need to know the entire sequence before starting this practice. You will start with the first couple of poses and build up slowly from there. The teacher will observe your practice and give hands on adjustments, advice and explanation of the poses and practice as needed. It is great because then the teacher can focus on giving you personal attention for the postures you need improvement on.

No need to memorise, just bring cheat sheets (paper only)! Each person practices the portion of the traditional Ashtanga series which has been advised to them by their teacher. The teacher will give you the next pose when you are ready and you will be guided through the sequence in a gentle way. Every student will receive personal instructions by the teacher.