Monday 23 March : Yoga Fusion - YR Foundations of Flow

  7:15 pm
Yoga Fusion - YR Foundations of Flow

Time   7:15 pm - 8:15 pm
Teacher   Rua
Location   Russell Lea
Room   Church Hall
+ The fundamentals of our method and a great way to (re)approach bodyweight workout routines
+ A fusion of Yoga, Pilates, interval training, unstructured movement, Fighting Monkey™, animal flows...anything and everything breath and motion
+ What's in it for me? A well-rounded, strong practice at a varied pace, perfectly suitable for beginners. If you thought you couldn't get loose and strong and cardio-fit at the same time, regularly join this class and let's chat again in 10 weeks or so!
+ Intensity: 3/5. All levels welcome. Family friendly! Ideal for those who want to reshape postural and movement habits that don't serve them anymore