Monday 30 March

09:45 AM
Yoga - YR YinYang
Russell Lea
09:45 AM - 10:30 AM
Russell Lea
Church Hall

+ A bit of Fast and a bit of Slow Flow in the best of both worlds: dynamic transitions and long holds alternate to help strengthen, lengthen and loosen both muscles and connective tissue
+ The Daoist lineage in all its richness (QiGong, Tai Chi, DaXuan, DaoYin, Ryoho) meets Indian Yoga and contemporary methods of mobility
+ What's in it for me? A full body practice that will help you quiet your mind and deepen your breath, find once more a sense of soothing peace
+ Intensity: 2/5. All levels welcome. Ideal for people nursing injuries, neo-mums, runners, office workers, sufferers of osteopenia and osteoporosis