About Yoga Well

Welcome! I am Ruth Henderson- Cash, owner of Yoga Well.
As a yoga therapist as well as yoga teacher, Yoga Well emphasises the importance of well being in any yoga practice. This means guiding students and private clients to practice yoga in a way that most benefits them. Individual yoga therapy, yoga classes, short courses, and private yoga tuition are available in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK. Most classes have a Zoom option and this is also available for private sessions, so wherever you are, you can maintain your yoga practice.
Everyone comes to yoga as they are now. So let go of any reservations or expectations. All are welcome. We each practice our own, unique yoga.
Classes are based on Hatha yoga traditions: we flow through a range of yoga poses – also called asanas – while focusing on the breath, to help clear the mind and introduce a sense of calm and well being.
Classes are designed for people with different levels of skill and experience – from gentler and slower classes to help you discover yoga, to dynamic advanced classes for experienced practitioners.
We also run chair based yoga classes suitable for anyone who feels this is a good option e.g. those recovering from injuries or surgery, health conditions such as Parkinson’s, COPD, cancer, MS, ME or Long Covid.
Each class in the timetable is described so you can decide if it feels a good fit for you. Any questions? See contact page to get in touch.