Thursday 13 February

6:45 pm
Hatha "candle-lit" Yoga
Shala, 2 Sutherland Gardens, Worcester Park, KT4 8AU
6:45 pm - 7:55 pm
Shala, 2 Sutherland Gardens, Worcester Park, KT4 8AU
entrance via side garden gate

Warming * Candle-lit * Meditative * Breath centred * Quieter * Classic Hatha Yoga Practice (followed by guided relaxation)

A general level, mixed abilities class, where you are encouraged to practice at your level of the posture. No complicated transitions.

Inversions are practiced, as are variations of the 12 key postures, basic breathing techniques are assumed.
A classic, non-flowing class (except for sun salutation).

With regular practice you will soon notice old aches and pains easing and will become stronger, more flexible and better at dealing with stress.

EXPERTISE NOT REQUIRED, however, as a "quieter" class, there is much less detailed instruction, which is part of what makes it special.
If you are new to Yoga, it's recommended to attend HATHA on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday for a few months to become familiar with the practice before joining this class

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4 classes £45 (valid 4 weeks)
Single class £15

10 class pass £127 (valid 4 months)