Slow Flow & Yin (75 MIN / 85-90℉)
Saturday, July 23 • 8:30 AM - 9:45 AM
Lower Floor @ Sapphire Studios
Ashley Cords
The first half of this class is a Slow Flow where students can move
with an increased awareness of their body in space and take time to
breathe. We will spend time exploring poses and trying variations
until you find the sweet spot for your needs.

The second half of the class we'll move into a yin practice where we
hold predominantly ground poses for a longer period of time. We'll be
reaching those deeper layers of connective tissue as well as working
on steadying the mind during stillness. Bolsters, blankets and blocks
will be used in order to increase or decrease the level of sensation
felt in each pose.

Ashley's goal is to have you feeling encouraged,
loved and free to be yourself on and off your mat.