About Bhumi Yoga

Now is the time to take care of your physical and mental stability, focus and peace. Establish, craft and enjoy a yoga practice under 1-on-1 guidance that makes you feel empowered, anchored and inspired from within, ready to meet any challenges that come your way. Self-care starts within. Let us support you to stay centered and guide you to integrate yoga into your daily life.

We offer:

1. Ashtanga Mysore Yoga - Teaching Mysore Style Yoga is at the heart of what we do, but what is Mysore Style Yoga?

Mysore Style is the traditional way of practicing and teaching ashtanga yoga and was born in the Indian city of Mysore.

Participants practice at their own pace, according to their ability while the teacher provides personal guidance, advice and adjustments (with each student’s consent). As teachers we support you in building up your practice incrementally according to your very own ability. This ability considers mental and emotional aspects as well as physical capacity.

The incremental elaboration of practice offers a safe and sustainable approach. It allows the body and the nervous system to integrate this potent methodology and offers potential for genuine transformation.

Mysore class works on a drop-in basis where students arrive and finish at different times during the opening hours of the class.

Our Morning Mysore Program runs 5 five mornings a week (Mysore Style Monday - Thursday, and Led class on Friday).

We love welcoming newcomers to this practice and our school! There is nothing that you need to know beforehand or be able to do. Just come as you are and that's perfect.

To get started you can obtain a Drop in class or a One Month Mysore Yoga Trial.

2. Personal Yoga Coaching - In Maxi's personal yoga coaching sessions we work on your specific needs and your personal goals. You will feel empowered and supported in your journey. I have your back!

3. Trainings and Workshops - Dive deeper into all things yoga.

4. Restorative Reset - Power through Stillness - Are you exhausted or overwhelmed? This special on demand restorative yoga self-care program is really for you!

5. Education for Yoga teachers - We love to share our experience and knowledge about all things teaching yoga with others. Check out our Modular Yoga Adjustment Training for Yoga Teachers

Bhumi Yoga welcomes practitioners of all walks of life. Young and old, with or without experience in yoga, everyone can roll out their mat at our school in the heart of Groningen. Bhumi originates from the Sanskrit language and means soil, ground, foundation, earth and mother.

The name Bhumi reflects much of what yoga practice at our yoga school stands for: a place where we attend to nurturing our inner grounds. We plant and nourish the seeds that help us expand in more beneficial ways, both inside and outside.

What others say about Bhumi Yoga:

“I really love the personal guidance and attention. In my crazy busy life this shala brings me peace and quietness and gives me space to really be aware of my body and how it feels in my own pace. Maxi and her assisting teachers make a great team, love this place and glad I found it.” Mein

"You helped me build a yoga practice that I can do and take with me anywhere.I started to appreciate to learn something new from the bottom up and not compare myself to others. Yoga has become a mindset that goes beyond the mat." Nick Dowling

"Maxi knows how to adjust the learning process to every student’s needs and learning from her is always a delight. When practicing at the yoga school, everyone is equal. Having a regular yoga practice has been a very positive experience for me, it helps me focus throughout the day."
Medeea Anton

"I am not a morning person but to leave morning practice feeling so good, energized and relaxed, is really awesome. I find the personal attention and input I receive for my practice, even when practicing in bigger groups, extraordinary." Bert Oosting

"What I value most about practicing yoga at Bhumi Yoga is the feeling of mental and energetic homecoming, the perfected adjustments, the consistent schedule and the clear instructions." Ravi Soekhai

"At Bhumi Yoga I found that yoga really is for everyone. It is liberating to not try to achieve the most extravagant poses, but to start at where you are today, only to find a week later, you are progressing. Read more" Lies Mensink

We look forward to welcoming you to practice!