Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner Inspiration Day - For Ashtanga Practitioners
Saturday, 18 March • 09:00 - 16:00
Bhumi Yoga
Maxi Meissner
For everyone who already practices Ashtanga Yoga


Many of you have shared that you love the Ashtanga Mysore Yoga morning classes, have experienced the benefits of your practice, and would like to learn more tools and dive deeper into your yoga journey, beyond of what is possible in the morning classes. You’re looking for inspiration, guidance and support for implementing practical solutions; and for keeping your inspiration for practice ignited.

I hear you. I’ve been there.  

The Ashtanga Yoga Insight & Development days will provide you with the practical tools, solutions, knowledge and inspiration for maintaining momentum on your journey while diving deeper into the journey of the 8 limbs of yoga (Ashtanga yoga). Ultimately these special days of study support your consistency, inspiration, know-how, rootedness in your practice and connectedness to what you are doing.

Nothing beats coming together in a group setting, exploring and studying and sharing time on the path of yoga together for gaining fresh and inspiring perspectives for your practice; the depths of learning and insights go far beyond of what it possible during the morning Mysore classes.

A study day with me is an opportunity to take space to nourish yourself and your practice. For some it is a deep dive into self-study. For others, it’s a time to gently unfold and soak up the nuggets of inspiration and the magic of the group energy.

One of the benefits of setting this time apart for your study, away from your regular routine, is that we have the possibility to have a fresh look onto what we are doing and why, from a more conscious place. This new found inspiration and perspective we can then integrate into our practice and our everyday lives.

For whom?

The Ashtanga Study days are for all who are currently practicing Ashtanga yoga and who have a zest for diving deeper into the path of yoga.

Foremost, it's a continued opportunity for all who have completed the Ashtanga Intensive or who are currently in the Intensive to study and come together in this supportive group setting.

Yet, these Ashtanga Study Days are also open for all practitioners who have never joined the intensive. Don't worry: I will pick you up where you are at for kriya and pranayama; and the asana and philosophy topics will always be relevant and accessible for all practitioners.


These special days of Ashtanga study will take place on 18 March, 3 June, 2 September and 11 November 2023.

To get the most inspiration, build up on the techniques and integrate all pieces it is recommended to sign in for all sessions. However, we know that not everyone can always attend all days, so it's also possible to sign in for single sessions - and all sessions can also stand by themselves.


18 March will still be at our current shala at Damsterdiep 46 in Groningen. As we move to another location as of May, all other sessions will take place in our new beautiful shala at Oosterhamriklaan 261a in Groningen.


9.00-9.30h Meditation, Kriya & Pranayama

9.30-11.30h: Asana Practice (this can start with a led part and lead into Mysore or a pure Mysore class)

11.30-13.00h Break

13.00-14.15h Chanting, Applied Yoga and Ayurveda Philosophy & Physiology

14.30-16.00h Asana explorations & closing

- Subtle anatomy and how it relates to what we do on the mat and to how we feel off the mat (physically and mentally)
- Yoga and Ayurveda philosophy and physiology, helping to integrate the right focus, breath and bandhas
- How we stay inspired about our practice. Connecting to the roots of why you come to your mat.
- Exploring physical intentions and ideas to help you keep your practice focused, fresh and progressing
- Practical tools to support your practice
-Ayurveda and yoga self-care


-Regular rate single session: €100
-Regular rate for all 4 sessions: €370
-Single session for all who have join the 6 months intensive before or are currently taking part in the intensive: €92.50
-All 4 sessions for all who have join the 6 months intensive before or are currently taking part in the intensive: €340