Pilates for Runners-Workshop Series 2-Online 75 min
online class
Sunday, 17 January • 10:00 - 11:00
Deniz van Gennip
'Pilates for Runners' online class which is 75 min. This class type includes 50 min Pilates + 25 min of Stretching, Breathing & Meditation. This programme is to protect Runners from injuries and to bring insight into how runner bodies work. Every class, we will focus on fundamentals of Pilates. Breathing, Alignment, Precision, Control, Concentration, Flow, Centering & Powerhouse are some of these. Pilates accessories (such as Pilates circle & therapand) that add extra tension and help stretching, will be used once the group mastered fundamentals. 
Please be aware

- 12 Hour Cancellation Policy.

* Cancel or change a class before to make sure no credit will be taken

- Please join a class when there is a member already attending. It is Group Pilates after all :)

* Classes with only 1 member might be cancelled. You can always bring a friend :)