Arcline Activation - Kundalini Yoga and Gong Healing with Carolyn
Sunday, 20 February • 14:00 - 16:00
Infinity, 1
Carolyn McTaggart
enthusiasm is in her every cell
The Arcline is the 6th of the 10 Spiritual Bodies - the bright halo of presence that manifests as our intuition, projection and fearless warrior spirit. Through the Arcline we sense the world.

When the Arcline is weak it can manifest, for example, as doubts, fears, low mood, lack of clarity and energy that cloud our way forward. An open and strong Arcline, on the other hand, balances the mind, brings harmony, protection and guides a path of freedom into the unknown.

During this session you’ll experience a blend of movement, breathwork, sacred sound and meditation so you can step into your true potential with courage and grace – to open new possibilities for the year ahead.

All welcome. No previous experience necessary. Not suitable during pregnancy. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Bring a mat, bottle of water, a small cushion/support and light blanket for comfort.