Regeneration 40 Days of Commitment
Thursday, 15 February • 08:00 - 10:00
Thoukididou 36 Argyroupoli
Konstantina Maridaki
Regeneration is a program of 40 days commitment.

Shamanic Energy Medicine is an in depth holistic work that affects the Luminous Energy Field.

The ability to find the reason of any trauma and any difficult situation that we face in our daily life and remove it from the Luminous body, that keeps all the information from the past and the future , gives the opportunity of experiencing a new Self .
Being free from attachments, awakened , being loved and fearless are some of the beautiful qualities you will experience.

These 40 days contain

• 6 Energy Medicine Sessions

• Breathing techniques that strengthen our luminous body

•Rituals that awaken our soul

• Awakening our primordial instincts- Power Animals that are sleeping inside us

1 hour discussion with Konstantina
every week