MADISON | Hot Stone Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing
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Nedelja, februar 5 • 1:00 pop. - 3:00 pop.
Peaceful Wellness Madison Studio
Deb Phelps
Deb is a certified Mindfulness/Meditation Teacher and Practitioner since 1980. She is a Mindfulness Coach & Sound Healing Facilitator. Learn more at Online & Madison Classes Available.
This is a deluxe relaxation experience to reset your nervous system, release deeply-held tension, unwind your mind and leave you with a refreshed sense of peace and ease. Restorative yoga is accessible to all levels of practice.

- Settle in to restorative relaxation poses
- Supported on the floor with blankets and cushions for comfort
- Heated basalt stones will be gently placed on chakras points on body to melt away muscle tension and energetic release
- Guided meditation to deeply calm your mind
- Sound energy healing and aromatherapy will help you let go of tension and promote healing

What should I wear to class?
You’ll want to wear warm, comfortable clothing that allows you to lay on the floor and does not constrict your movement. The room will not be heated. Think sweatshirts/hoodies, sweatpants, socks, long sleeved shirt.

Can I eat lunch before class?
Ideally you want to have an empty stomach for Restorative Yoga, so make sure you have last eaten 2 hours before class starts.

What should I bring?
Bring your yoga mat and your own eye pillow if you have one. If you prefer you can bring one or two blankets from home – one to cover your yoga mat with for warmth and softness under your body, and one to cover yourself with to keep in your body heat.

Props are available at the studio with blankets, bolsters, eye pillows.

Note: Class is two hours.

Register early, as space is limited to 3 participants to ensure each participant receives individual care & attention.

Location: Peaceful Wellness Madison Studio
2114 N. Sherman Avenue, Suite 6-8 (formerly Northside Yoga’s space) We are located downstairs of DuWayne’s Salon and Massage East.

Fee: $40
If you are a monthly membership holder, you can receive $5 off the price.
For discount, contact me at