Lonnie June

Hi all! My name is Lonnie and I've been practicing Yoga, Meditation, and Metaphysical Wellness since 1995. My background includes degrees and work in theater/fine arts, healthcare, and the healing arts. If you're interested in my esoteric blueprints- I'm a 2/5 Emotional Projector (by Human Design); Sun in Cancer, Pisces Moon, and Rising sign Capricorn. I'm an astrologer, energy healer/Reiki Master Teacher, psychic healer, medium, and RYT500. I'm honored to help guide you back to your truth and help you remember who you are through the lens of Metaphysical, Esoteric, Holistic wellness, and the practice of Yoga. I invite you to embrace your inner "WooWoo" with me- we're gonna have a lot of fun! Hope to see you in class.
Instagram: @lonniejune

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