Chair Yoga~ Energy Awakening
Monday, February 6 • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Hailey Hinson
I chose to become a Yoga instructor to assist others in finding more loving ways to help themselves deal with the (at times) harsh world we live in. I do this with many styles & modalities.
Enjoy learning yoga with the aid of a chair.
This class is for all levels of yoga.
Great for those that work a desk job.
Mon. a.m. (CST) class
Please sign up the night before, by 10 p.m. (CST), or contact Hailey by 8 A.M. the day of.
Chair Yoga for Everyone (all ages, all levels, and all abilities)

Enjoy learning yoga with the aid of a chair. Using a chair in your yoga practice allows you to stay in alignment while the body is in motion as well as holding poses. This class is great for anyone that has had to be seated or standing for long periods of time. Incredibly beneficial for isolating sections of the body as you learn how to work with your body in harmony, without forcing it into positions. Wonderful for stiff bodies and busy minds.
Give yourself the gift of fluid movement and peace of mind.
* No experience needed
* Increase stability
* Reduce Stress
* Improve Balance
* No, up & down off the floor movements
* Aids in Mental Clarity

Supplies needed:
A chair that is sturdy and preferably without arms.
A space in which you could access at least 3 sides of the chair.
It would be beneficial to have yoga/exercise blocks or a stack of books (to place under feet for lifting knees higher.
A Strap, Belt, or scarf. Possibly a second chair.
Shoes are optional, best if able to be barefoot.

Please let me know of any health conditions that could limit or prevent you from the practice of Yoga.