Fluid Prenatal Yoga
Zondag, 2 oktober • 11:00 - 20:10
Schoolstraat 28, Delft, Womamhood studio
Aneta Socowa
We are inviting you to explore fluid and oceanic movements while connecting to the water and growing baby in your womb. Some parts of the practice is in seated position, and other moments with be flowing standing poses.

This accessible prenatal practice for all stages of pregnancy begins with a warming-up, then we will explore postures that focus on building strength and energy. We will finish with a breath practice and meditation.

We will use props such as the yoga block, meditation cushion and/or pillows.

No previous Yoga or Pilates experience required.

House Rules:
- Please bring your own yoga mat. If you would like to use one of our mats, the cost is €3 (cash or pin)
- Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the class start time.

Extra info:
- We advise that you do not eat or drink for at least an hour before the class.
- Class will be given in English.

Cancellation policy:
- You may cancel free of charge up to 2 hours before class starts. You must do this via the MomoYoga booking system.
- If you have a Womanhood Unlimited Class Pass and fail to show up or cancel in time, you will be invoiced for the price of the class.