donderdag 9 april

Prenatal Yoga/Pilates - live stream
19:00 - 20:20
Schoolstraat 28
womanhood studio

We will livestream our classes using Zoom. You can download the Zoom app to your phone or tablet, or you can use it on your computer in a browser! Please go to for more information and downloads!

About 30-45 minutes before your class start, you will receive an email with a code, so that you can enter the session online. Let's do this and help our community pass through this Corona time safe, healthy and balanced!

We will be preparing your mind, body, emotions and spirit for birth. No difficult or acrobatic poses should be expected.

You will practice to:
- Listen to your body, staying true to you in every moment
- Being present
- Being kind to yourself, and take deep breaths.

You will leave class feeling like you truly worked your body, yet in a safe, conscious and effective manner.

This class will be 50 minutes of "workout" and mindfulness moments, followed by 25 minutes of talking! Sharing concerns, hopes, etc regarding pregnancy and birth in Corona times.

No previous experience practicing Yoga or Pilates is required. Al stages of pregnancy are welcome.
If you have (pregnancy) complaints or injuries you are welcome to join, but let the teacher know upfront!!