NIEUW: Slow Down Hatha Yoga (Agata Bartoszek)
Martedì, 27 settembre • 20:30 - 21:30
Silhouelle Nazareth
Class teached in English.

Slow Down Hatha Yoga is ideal for all who want to begin a yoga journey. A perfect class for students who want to progress gradually and are ready to increase flexibility, strength and focus on breathing. A class will be performed at a slower pace, with less intense poses.

Aanrader voor beginners en wie yoga zacht wil beoefenen.
Ideaal om de avond af te sluiten...

• Why Hatha Yoga?
Hatha yoga is an ancient yoga practice with a combination of yoga poses (asanas) and breathing exercises. The word Hatha means “stubborn” and during practice we must be patient and also determined to keep the pose for 1-5 minutes, or step by step improve ourselves. During hatha yoga practice you can learn how to control your body and your mind. Hatha yoga helps to increase concentration, it brings balance to our emotions, improves the functioning of all body systems and improves our energy level.

• What dus Agata want to achieve witch teaching yoga?
By teaching yoga I would like to help other people to feel better physically and mentally. Yoga is not about how we look in the pose, but how we feel in the pose. It should be steady and comfortable for us. It is my goal to teach my students to find balance and to be motivated to improve in daily life. Every yoga session will end with relaxation and it is a perfect moment to connect with yourself and release the stress and tension all over the body and mind.