A Playful Vinyasa - The Yoga-Social / FREE / National Lottery Community Funded - DIFFERENT EVERY WEEK!
Wednesday, February 14 • 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM
Heathcote & Star, 344 Grove Green Road, Green Grove Room
Tarin Heaton-Heather
This is a FREE SPACE to practice yoga. This session is an open invitation to come and enjoy a yoga reset! Yoga is for everyone and this is an open session for all levels. There will be time after the session for chai and chats and space to explore any aspects of your practice that you wish!...


The Yoga-Social is a FREE weekly meet-up exploring all kinds of different yoga, and non-yoga for expanding our ideas around health and wellbeing, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

The Yoga-Social sessions will be different every week and are always free for everyone!



Yoga in the Stars is a project by The Metahealth Movement, a not-for-profit working towards elevated health.

We are thrilled to announce that £9,943 has been donated to Yoga in the Stars by The National Lottery Community Fund for a special new project The Yoga-Social!

The project is to create a space for people to come together around health and well-being. A free space to practice yoga, breathwork, movement, dance, tai chi and talk about health, food and lifestyle. Use the studio equipment and space in an open, inclusive and fun way. Expect spontaneous workshops and sessions, as well as a dedicated self-practice space, and we hope to invite other local yoga teachers to host sessions and workshops throughout the year to help grow and enrich the community.

Reach out to us with ideas.

Yoga really is for everyone, it’s a personal thing, and is a lifestyle choice that goes way beyond the mat and into every aspect of life, and we hope that this grant helps you to explore what this can mean for you as we discover together.

#NationalLottery and the National Lottery players, thank you!